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Ease of installation

Ease of installation

The Vertex® solar lighting systems are quick and easy to install, being specifically designed to be installed by an electrician or solar installer who may not have previous experience with solar lighting.

The five components that comprise the solar system (light fixture, solar panel, battery/batteries and the Vertex® EMCS (energy management control system) all connect with the purpose designed cable loom set with standard connectors.

The lighting controller will be preset with the operational hours for your specific installation.

The solar pole has been specifically designed for the Vertex® solar lighting system, with easy access shelving for the batteries and a purpose built area for the Vertex® EMCS (energy management control system).

Very secure

For added security to deter thieves and vandals, the sturdy steel doors housing the battery and EMCS are security fastened using Rivlok™ tamper proof bolts.  Rivlok™ is a patented security screw system that comprises a smooth headed screw that is driven into position using a special tool that relies on friction to operate.  This tool will be provided as part of the system.

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